Headlites LED Helmet Safety Covers


We invented Headlites™ out of necessity, as my husband and I are avid motorcycle riders who have had many close calls while riding at night. Riding anything at night , whether it be a motorcycle, bicycle, scooter or anything else you can ride, has one major drawback, and that is the potential of getting hit by automobiles that share the same roadway as riders do. When riding at night, motorcycle riders blend in with the automobiles in front of them, making it almost impossible to see the rider, resulting in a high number of rear-end accidents. Bicycle riders are in more danger at night because the lights on most bicycles are two-dimensional and are hard to see from all angles. With our LED Helmet Safety Covers, motorcycle, bicycle and other riders now have 360 degree visibility to vehicle traffic.

Another industry Headlites™ was invented to serve is the brave road workers who work at night on our busy roadways. Even with their high-visibility vests, road workers are virtually invisible on the roads at night due to the fact that the reflectors on their vests and helmets do not become visible until an approaching vehicle's light are shining directly on the reflectors. This leaves a frightening short amount of time for a vehicle's operator to react to the road worker. With our Headlites™ LED Helmet Safety Covers placed over a road worker's helmet, it gives he/she a 360 degree caution signal that can be seen as far away as 1/4 of a mile and give much needed time for vehicle traffic to see and react to the road worker and prevent a possible injury or tragedy.

Gayle ReMine
Founder, Headlites™


  • Almost 60 percent of motorcyclist fatalities occur at night. (U.S. Department of Transportation)
  • 39% of deaths on bicycles nationwide occurred between 6 p.m. and midnight.(Washington State Department of Transportation)
  • Road workers struck by vehicles or mobile equipment account for the highest number of work fatalities. (Work Zone Traffic Safety Report)
  • In 2009, 4,092 pedestrians (including joggers, runners & walkers) were killed, and an estimated 59,000 were injured in automobile collisions. Of these nearly 70 percent occurred at night. (2009 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Statistics).

About Headlites™

Headlites™ LED Helmet Safety Covers are a light-weight, durable and stylish outer covering for helmets that are also wired with super-bright LED lights that enable motorcycle, bicycle and other riders to be seen from as far as a 1/4 mile away by motorists at night.

Headlites™ LED Helmet Safety Covers provide an inexpensive, safe and fun way to decorate and illuminate any helmet and greatly improve your chances of being seen at night, resulting in fewer accidents, injuries and fatalities.


Headlites LED Helmet Safety Covers are available now at http://headlites.net
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Customer Testimonial

"I work on a road crew repairing freeways at night. Our biggest hazard is dodging cars that wiz by. Ever since we started to wear the LED helmet covers, cars have been stopping and even slowing down and telling us they could actually see us and knew to slow down. These LED covers have given us piece of mind that drivers now know we are visable on the roads"

Curtis Clovis, Ca