Frequently Asked Questions

Are Headlites LED Safety Helmet Covers legal?

Yes, Headlites LED Helmet Safety Covers are legal to wear.

Do Headlites fit any size helmet?

Yes, Headlites come in several sizes including Adult, Youth and Children's. They also fit a wide variety of helmets for bicycle and skateboarding to DOT and Novelty helmets as well.

Doesnt reflective tape offer the same amount of protection?

Absolutely not! Reflective tape and reflectors require light to be directly hitting them to be effective. Headlites battery-powered super-bright LED's can bee seen at all times and are not dependant upon a vehicles lights hitting them to be seen.

Why is 360 degree protection important?

Having the 360 degree protection of Headlites LED Helmet Safety Covers is extremely important. Being seen from front and behind are very important of course, but just as important is being seen from left and right as well. This gives you full 360 degree protection of high-powered LED lights that can also bee seen from farther away than previous safety measures.

About Headlites™

Headlites™ LED Helmet Safety Covers are a light-weight, durable and stylish outer covering for helmets that are also wired with super-bright LED lights that enable motorcycle, bicycle and other riders to be seen from as far as a 1/4 mile away by motorists at night.

Headlites™ LED Helmet Safety Covers provide an inexpensive, safe and fun way to decorate and illuminate any helmet and greatly improve your chances of being seen at night, resulting in fewer accidents, injuries and fatalities.


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Customer Testimonial

"I work on a road crew repairing freeways at night. Our biggest hazard is dodging cars that wiz by. Ever since we started to wear the LED helmet covers, cars have been stopping and even slowing down and telling us they could actually see us and knew to slow down. These LED covers have given us piece of mind that drivers now know we are visable on the roads"

Curtis Clovis, Ca